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Human Connection

In these weird and confronting times, we are all hearing how world travel has been so adversely affected and how popular tourist spots are universally suffering from no visitors, and profits are non-existent.

Here at The Friendly Chat, we aren’t affected very much by the “tourist trade” – after all, suburban bayside Thorneside isn’t exactly a regular ”hot spot” for holiday makers and tourists.

However, we are hurting for the guests we usually accommodate – they are the ones making connections with the heart. They haven’t arrived on our doorstep to see the sights – rather, they have come to connect with families and friends to celebrate events that life bestows on families and communities. They are the families separated by distance, who connect with loved ones by staying at The Friendly Chat because it is local to their needs.

Whilst we are hearing of tourist numbers being drastically down and fun holiday destinations being temporarily unavailable, it is not the fun-seekers we are feeling for – after all, another holiday, another time perhaps.

Instead, it is those family members and friends whose hearts are sore because human connection is not an option at the moment. Experiencing and celebrating life’s ups and downs with a hug, meals and memories shared amid laughter and tears – this human connection is essential for uplifting the human spirit.

So, to those people who are missing sharing a milestone birthday, a family wedding, a bonding time with children and grandchildren, the celebration of a life well-lived, an introduction to a new family member – we send a virtual hug, and look forward to the day when we can once again welcome you here.

Stay safe.

The Magic of The Point

Entering Wellington Point Village along Main Road, I’m always amazed by the activity – people strolling in the shade of the Poinciana trees, enjoying coffees, drinks at the pub, cyclists making their pilgrimage along the Bayside suburbs. As I travel towards The Point, a decidedly seaside feel begins to stir. Saltwater and mangroves on both sides of the road, views across Waterloo Bay to Thorneside on the left, and across to the right North Stradbroke Island (Straddie) and Moreton Island loom large.

As the road weaves through the leafy suburb and begins the dip down to the Reserve, I get a distinct and nostalgic “stepping back in time” feeling. The panoramic view of children climbing the huge Moreton Bay fig trees, families picnicking in their shade, people paddling and swimming in the calm waters and the stream of people strolling out to King Island (if the tide is low) reminds me of a painting from the past century – the timelessness of the scene always fascinates me.

When you’re staying at The Friendly Chat, why not take the time to explore this little gem for yourself? Only a ten-minute drive from us and you’ll be there, experiencing a very special part of the Redlands Coast.

Small Local Businesses

One thing we are committed to is supporting local businesses. Do you feel the same?

For a local business to be worth supporting, we believe it has to produce the goods – it has to be honest in its claims, consistent with its quality and provide friendly service. Is this too much to ask? We don’t think so. At The Friendly Chat Bed and Breakfast and Self-Contained Accommodation, we strive to be a local business who does these things.

I love taking photos, so I take a lot and aim to show honestly what you can expect if you stay with us. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your accommodation only to find that the pictures portrayed on the website or in advertising aren’t a true indicator of reality. If you know what to expect, we think you arrive with realistic expectations that allow you to feel happy with the choice you have made. Guests often comment that “it looks just like the pictures”. Some even say, “only better!”

We both work hard at maintaining consistent quality. Cleaning and organising fresh linen takes some time but results in you feeling comfortable from your arrival. Have you ever stayed somewhere and felt like you had to clean it before you could start relaxing? Well, we have and we don’t want you to feel like that when you come to The Friendly Chat.
And friendly service? We think this requires us to be good listeners – friendly service has many faces. It can mean leaving you to do your own thing with little interaction if that’s what makes a pleasant stay for you. It can mean engaging in conversation and sharing local knowledge on places to eat, things to do locally and a bit further afield. It can mean swapping travel stories and adventures. It can really be anything you want it to be, from problem-solving to a friendly chat.

We try really hard to answer all enquiries and questions as soon as possible. It’s annoying to hear nothing from an enquiry you’ve made, isn’t it? You can wonder if the people ever even received it, which is no help if you are making travel plans. We also think that by engaging in conversations before you arrive – be it by emails, phone calls or messages – that questions have been answered and information shared that help us feel like we already know something about you and your expectations by the time you arrive. If you support local businesses, why not give us a try – enjoy the experience!

Chris & Trish Irons